How to order keyboard covers, and all other IT covers

Protect Covers manufactures and stocks hundreds of different keyboard covers, and cover designs for lap tops, mice, screens, remote controls and others.

Incarta is the Australian reseller of Protect Covers. Therefore, you can order directly from us!

The easiest way to find out if your device has a matching cover available of the shelf, is to email us at Let us know what make and model, or screen dimensions you need (see below, for how to measure your screen) and we’ll tell you if it is a stock item.

For devices that require a custom cover to be made, please read the information below:

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Requirements for custom made keyboard covers and screen covers

Please email us with your inquiry and one of our staff will contact you and guide you through the process.

Our requirements are also listed below:
Because minimum quantities apply for some products, variable manufacturer’s lead times and tooling costs may also apply for custom made products.

For custom keyboard covers and mice covers we also require make and model. Prior to placing an order we will also require a functioning or non-functioning model of the device to be sent to us in order to fabricate a custom mold.

For custom screen covers we also require the screen dimensions in fractional inches. Please note we cannot accept dimensions in centimeters because covers are manufactured using imperial measurements. We do not require a sample of the screen to be covered.

Custom Screen Protectors
If we can not supply a screen cover from stock sizes we can make a custom size to fit your need. We can make any size you need from 1 to 55 inches. Email us with height and width of the screen. All touch screens/POS systems will be of custom size.
How to measure your screen size.  All measurements to be supplied in inches

width/height screen

To order a custom sized screen protector

If you do not find your screen protector in our standard stock sizes please measure your screen (as described above) and order by emailing us at

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