Incarta offers products and services in Health and
general information technology for Business

Incarta develops bespoke clinical software by appointment.  The company also offers a range of commercial software for enterprise, and the needs of specific therapeutic areas.  Some of our recent developments are listed below:

Alarta, an Intensive care bedside monitoring software suite. CLICS – CLinical Image Capture and Storage.Altegix – Customised Predictive Analytics for Acute Care.

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Incarta has built an enviable reputation in IT services and support to the business community.  Incarta is not a break-fix company.  We provide our customers with continuous support and the peace of mind that we will monitor the performance of critical infrastructure. In IT you don’t have to be  either “Holden” or “Ford”.  You can be both.  We are equally adept with Microsoft, OS and Linux and others.  We pride ourselves on using the right technologies, and working with our customers to find the best solutions for their needs:

The right products, service and 24/7 support. Hardware and software advice, installation and support…24/7.Cloud, cloud migration and application migration services.

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In today’s world you can’t afford not to protect your most important IT investments…your computer hardware and peripherals! Incarta is Australia’s distributor (selling direct to the public) for Protect Covers; manufacturers of covers for screens, laptops, keyboards, mice, and other computer peripherals. Protect them from all life’s messes, including liquid spills, food, dust, moisture, oil, grease, dirty hands, bacteria and germs. Easy to clean and disinfect:

Our quality is not only evident in our finished product but in our entire process. We start by using the highest-grade materials to make our molds. Our lengthy mold making process ensures an exact replica of the keyboard in order to achieve a perfect fit (no webbing). We use .11 mm Polyurethane making our keyboard protectors the most durable on the market. Just look at the photos, we believe it tells the story of true craftsmanship. Which would you buy?

Covers for lap tops, keyboards, mice, screens, remote controls and others. Protect Covers are made to last.Protect Covers are made from hi tech materials .

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