Five important considerations when choosing an IT service provider

1.  Is the provider flexible with technology?

Many IT service providers are locked into one specific type of technology.  It’s a bit like “Holden” versus “Ford” rivalry.  They either don’t like, won’t recommend, or are not confident with both.   But that constraint is narrow minded and can lead to serious problems, if not complete failure in the delivery of your solution.  The most obvious division is between Apple and Microsoft; two tech giants that approach things quite differently. Neither is necessarily better than the other, and the product offerings of both companies have strengths and challenges. It’s important to choose a provider that is able to offer you solutions that work for your business rather than their own agenda. For instance you might prefer Apple iMacs in the office, but need to use a piece of equipment that is only compatible with Microsoft Windows. Incarta is equally well equipped to assist with DOS/windows, Unix/Linux, and OS environments.  We are advocates of the open source world of software, but supportive of compliance, consistency and compatibility when required.  Incarta supports complementary and alternative technologies. Furthermore, we do not receive or accept commissions, bonuses or awards for recommending any particular technologies.

2.  Is the provider “break-fix” only or your IT business partner?

Some providers offer break fix services.  This often means they have no specific connection to your business, but respond to you like a shop owner would to a customer walking in off the street. This suits some businesses well, especially those with infrequent and simple needs.  However, many businesses have long-term needs; their businesses are dynamic, and their leaders are adapting to change.  They’re progressive and whilst on one hand stability is important, innovation and flexibility is also necessary.  Businesses on the go need more than drop, fix and run service.  They are well  suited to providers who are supportive, responsive, available and adaptable.  Incarta is such a provider.  We take our client relationships seriously. We’re there to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, provide unbiased advise and implement smart solutions to help build you a strong, stable and secure business.

3.  Does the provider offer project planning?

There is a lot to think about when you embark on a new information technology project and project planning is essential.  Whether you want a few new pc’s or a complete rethink of your IT, there are plenty of potholes for the unwary.  When you choose a provider make sure they know how to project plan.  Careless implementation can cost you dearly.

4.  Does the provider have the skills and experience?

IT service providers need a diverse range of skills and experience. There’s often more than one solution to a problem, and often more than one problem with any solution.  Experienced providers know how to navigate and integrate technology. Incarta has been around for many years.  We’ve worked in the public and private sectors, for big and small businesses. Incarta lives and breathes IT.

5.  Does the provider have clear security guidelines?

Security of your business data is critical.  The security of data that you hold on behalf of your clients is also mandated in law.  There is a range of security measures that your provider should understand and be able to provide and implement. These relate to two key components of the business: 1. the security of your network and 2. the physical security of your stored data.  Unfortunately no-one can guarantee that your network won’t be hacked or your data accessed illegally.  However, with good planning the risks can be minimized.  Incarta offers its clients a range of gold-standard security strategies, including storage in the most secure data centre available for commercial use.

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