Incarta introduces artificial intelligence and predictive analytics

to Intensive Care…..

Predictive analytic software that saves lives! One cause of deaths in hospital, is the time taken to identify life threatening changes in a patient’s health. Altegix measures a selection of clinical parameters, analyses them critically, then determines the likelihood that the patient’s health will deteriorate to a critical level. Altegix has been clinically tested at one of Melbourne’s leading tertiary care hospitals. The results demonstrated a significant increase in MET assisted calls and a reduction in mortality of hospitalized patients.

How is Altegix implemented?


What is a MET call?

In hospitals, Medical Emergency Teams (METs) attend patients at risk of life threatening events, such as cardiac arrest. The decision to call a MET team is generally made by nursing staff, but is complicated by many factors which can result in the call being made either too late or after significant worsening of the patient’s health.

Altegix identifies patients at risk of life threatening events, well before the threat would come to the attention of staff, and well before a MET call would occur.  Predictive alerts are forwarded to relevant medical staff who then attend the patient.

ALTEGIX identifies patients as risk of life-threatening events…

ALTEGIX saves lives

This is achieved using an artificial intelligence model, based on a combination of current and previous observations about the patient.


Altegix is fully automated.  It can handle many thousands of data points per hour and is flexible enough to be modified for client specific requirements.

Altegix improves the standard of patient care through early detection and intervention of potentially life threatening events.

The Altegix Application

Altegix combines a group of integrated apps to deliver the predictive outcome. It creates a risk score within minutes of the input data becoming available.  For patients at risk, the responsible doctor receives a message (using their preferred device; pager or mobile phone) that the patient’s results are outside the agreed limits. The clinician then reviews the data, reviews the patient and can implement interventions for the patient as may be required.

Clinical Trial

Altegix has been validated with good predictive sensitivity and specificity over five years at two Melbourne hospitals.  Specifically, the power of pathology information to predict the occurrence of MET calls, intensive care admissions and deaths demonstrates good clinical validity (based on statistical significance and validation through professional clinician opinion) across a cohort of 106,790 patients.  Research findings concluded that Altegix has a predictive value ranging from fair to excellent, depending on its pathology inputs, in identifying patients at risk, on average, 10.2 hours before the event in ward patients and 11.9 hours in emergency patients.

Key points

  • Predictive analytics software for acute care

  • Early detection of life threatening events

  • Early detection alerts sent to medical staff

  • Handles 1000’s of data points per hour

  • Risk score calculated within minutes

  • Validated in clinical trials

  • Excellent predictive values obtained

  • Alerts generated up to 12 hours before the clinical event

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