About Incarta

Melbourne based provider of general IT services to the Australian Health Sector, and Business community, since 1998.

What we do

  • Assist businesses to function where and when they want to,  securely and with confidence

  • Advise on, supply, install, and manage local and cloud computing hardware and software, to the business community and the health sector.

  • Manage and support cloud computing and cloud migration services. We specialize in Microsoft Office 365

  • Collaborate with business and the health sector, in new product development

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Our Customer Focus

Our process is simple. We work with our clients to understand their specific needs. We demystify technology.  We provide ‘best-fit’ tailored solutions rather than ‘sponsored’ advice.  We reduce the stress of technology, by making it work. Specializing in cloud computing, migration and Microsoft Office 365 services.

Incarta’s advice and solutions are completely independent.  We do not receive commissions for products or services that we recommend.  Therefore you can be confident that Incarta’s advice and support is based on your organisation’s needs.

About Us


Incarta launches CLICS On-Premise for in hospital clinical image capture and storage. Allowing medical institutions to capture, collaborate and archive securely and easily in one simple app.

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Cloud Computing: Risks of data storage in the Public Cloud

If your data is stored offshore, or even in Australia, but with an international provider, there are security risks you should know about.

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Next generation ALARTA.  Clinical bedside computing for intensive care

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Australian distributors of “Protect Covers” protective covers for computer hardware.  See the complete range.

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INCARTA selected for 2017 Victorian Faces of Small Business Awards

In 2017 Incarta was proud to be selected by the Victorian Government – Faces of Small Business; recognizing the company’s achievements in innovation in information technology within the Health Sector.  The award focussed on the the Company’s research and development in the Health Sector of bedside and predictive analytics software  for intensive care.

Why Choose Us?

Incarta has been entrusted with providing IT products and services to some of the largest health care providers in Australia, for almost 20 years.
In addition, we have built a list of clients in a wide range of business and industry sectors.
We are widely respected, affordable, and above all a wholly owned Australian company.

Incarta Values

Technology encourages redundancy and waste.  We all need to be responsible for our footprint. Incarta strives to: recycle all used hardware and materials,  source products from environmentally responsible suppliers, engage in environmentally sustainable practices and advise its clients on energy and technology solutions which reflect sustainability.

Incarta embraces ethical business practice in all we do.  From the way we treat our staff and suppliers, to the care and respect we provide our clients.

To provide our clients with cost effective IT products and services that meet or exceed their needs.


Protecting your data is critical for business success and client privacy


How, when and where do you want to access your data?


From kilobytes to terabytes.  Store your data securely and accessibly

News and Opinions

Read about current and emerging trends and opinions in IT.

Trusted Partners

Incarta engages with a number of key business partners and we are grateful for their support

Drive your business more efficiently with Incarta IT

Our clients include leading providers of health services in Australia, as well as companies ranging from finance service providers to logistics businesses to private utility companies
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